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Must Have Accessories

Must Have Accessories

Accessories, those must have outfit additions that will separate you apart from other guys. Today we are going through a accessory EXTRAVAGANZA! I’m going to cover accessories I think every guy needs. Guys some of these you’re going to wear, showing off to the WORLD, and some of these you are going to carry waiting for the right time.

To kick things off, every guy needs a SUPER SWEET pen! Trust me this is an accessory. When you pull it out, people notice. When you hand it so someone to write and use, they notice. Gentlemen pens! Amazing accessory.

Next, a SWEET watch! Pretty much the best accessory that you can actually wear and show off. PLEASE!!! Don’t go out of your way to spend thousands of dollars on a watch. There’s good news guys! There are thousands of options that aren’t so expensive. Guys, at the end of the day as long as you rock the HECK out it, it works!

How can I talk about must have accessories, without including one of my personal favorites. A great pair of shades! Incredibly stylish and makes the difference. A nice pair of shades on a guy, nothing more spiffy.

Coming to an end with a wallet. Guys if your current wallet resembles a Big Mac STOP! You know what I mean full and fat, instead of lettuce you have receipts, and instead of almost meat you have cards and cash. Gentleman think fast and invest in a super sleek and thin wallet! It comes with a handful of  benefits as well. I guarantee you guys it will improve the looks and lines of your pants, because shoving a Big Mac in your pants definitely distorts it. The wallet is like the pen, not thought of an accessory, but people definitely notice! I for one do. When I’m behind someone in line and they pull out a fat messy wallet, first thing I think is “Dude, COME ON!” There is just no way they aren’t a mess in other parts of their lives.

Guys this is just a small list, TRUST ME though! They make the difference.

4 Steps To Make Your Hair Better than Your Friends

4 Steps To Make Your Hair Better than Your Friends

Guys! Hair truly is a gift. A simple hairstyle can have a HUGE impact on first impressions. Do not settle for having an average hair style, make it stand out and look the best it possibly can. I have some tips and tricks that will make your hairstyle look sexy and stunning.

Are you tired of styling your hair in the morning only for it to be falling over and loose hairs not staying in place throughout the day. Trust me we’ve all been there! Styling your hair in the morning to PERFECTION, to later be falling over throughout your day. Its truly simple though! All you have to do is follow these 4 steps.

1.Shower In The Mornings: Yes you will have get up earlier and sacrifice some sleep, but trust me a little less sleep in turn for a full day of of SEXY is worth it. Make sure to use Good shampoo that will not damage your hair, NOT body wash! I personally use shampoo with conditioner added in, it save you a whole step. After you finish your shower leave your hair damp and get ready.

2.Use Pre-Styler: What is Pre-Styler you may ask? Well its the backbone of whatever hairstyle you hope to achieve. This is anything from strong hold, shine, low hold, no shine. Your hair must be damp for this step. Simply put some Pre-Styler in your hair while damp and rub it thoroughly. Make sure you get the roots! This will make it possible for your hair to stay in place.

3.Blow Dry: This step is crucial guys! Blow drying will make the difference. What you want to do is adjust your blow dryer to low setting, this will prevent heat damage. Blow dry your hair in the desired place you want it to go. With your hair wet it will be easy to adjust. While doing this, your Pre-Styler will start to take shape. Make sure your dry ALL of your hair and blow to whatever position you are shooting for. (If you blow against the way your hair grows, you will create loads of volume)

4.Post-Styler: Once your hair has taken shape its time to use your post Post-Styler. This will be the easiest and final touches to beauty. Add your Post-Styler and again start from the back and work your way forward. DO NOT forget the roots! this is the backbone. Once you’ve done that your ready for a full day of sexy. Trust me your hair will look good and stay in place.

STOP! Your Hair Deserves better

STOP! Your Hair Deserves better

Guys your hair is more than important. A good haircut and hairstyle means the world when trying to leave a good impression. I have seen way to many  guys do so many extra things to there hair, preventing them luscious locks. Its simple! just follow these 5 basic DONT’S! and your hair will be stunning and at its finest.

One STOP with the heat! High heat every day and your going to damage the hair shaft. Its not going to be as lively, bright as sexy, as it could and should be. Guys heat three days a week is all you need.

Two get your grubby hands out of your hair! Set it forget it, there is no reason for you to constantly be messing with your hair. On top of that your hands are dirty and greasy, so putting that into your hair is a death wish. During the day if you happen to look in a mirror and your hair dose not look as good as you want it to be, spruce it up a little, just keep your paws off from it through the day.

Three you want beautiful hair? Then STOP using hair products with a supper high alcohol content. Its simple high alcohol equals dry hair. Spend the extra buck and save your hair people.

Four choosing cheap hair products. This dose not mean stop looking for sales but stay away from poor quality hair products. This is mass marketed hair product. Products that you find in grocery stores, and convenient stores. These products are really bad quality and just awful for your hair. This will damage your hair, everything but healthy.

Five not giving your hair enough time to breath! Guys, wash your hair and don’t always have product in your hair. A lot of dudes will put product in there head in the morning and keep it all day then not shower. They don’t wash the product out of there hair until the next day to only put product right back into it. You need to give your hair and head time without product.

Guys lets keep that hair looking the best it can be! Stay away from these 5 things and TRUST ME your hair will be sexy.